E’ stato rilasciato l’aggiornamento alla versione 2.5.3 di openHAB. Si tratta di una patch release ed è completamente retro compatibile con le versioni precedenti 2.5.x. Ci sono alcuni piccoli nuovi Add-Ons e alcuni miglioramenti. Di seguito l’elenco dell’aggiornamento:

New Add-ons

The following add-ons are newly introduced with the 2.5.3 release:

Add-on Type Issue
airthings Binding #6860
Go-eCharger Binding #7068
Velux Binding #2531

The following improvements were made:

2.x Add-ons

Add-on Type Issue Change
bluetooth Enhancements 7056 Added support for connection based discovery
7147 Read device information during discovery process
7156 Increased discovery timeout from 5 sec to 10 sec
bluetooth.bluez Bug Fixes 7091 Prevent adapter from going offline for certain exceptions
digiplex Enhancements 7120 Introduce trouble reports (#7117)
enocean Enhancements 6521 Added support for SIG-Messages (battery level indication)
6930 Added support for Smoke Detectors (#6929)
exec Bug Fixes 7049 read whitelist on startup
7059 fix loggers for whitelist-service
7109 create exec.whitelist file when exec binding or transformation is installed
goecharger Bug Fixes 7143 fixed access config command and parse command response
icloud Bug Fixes 7087 Fix NPE in AccountBridgeHandler
jeelink Enhancements 6746 add revolt support
lghombot Bug Fixes 7163 Fixed NPE in camera handling.
lgwebos Enhancements 7124 Add dynamic options providers for application and channel
7162 Keep only one channel to get/set the TV channel
Bug Fixes 7127 Fix Channel Subscription and Support RefreshType
lutron Enhancements 6966 Add support for mDNS bridge discovery
MCP23017 Enhancements 6825 Allow choosing I2C bus numbers other than 0 and 1
Bug Fixes 7092 Don’t treat the ActiveLow setting as if it’s required
miio Enhancements 6693 Enable local database files
7083 Prevent unneeded pings
modbus Enhancements 7085 Log more information on unexpected (uncatched) exceptions
Bug Fixes 7160 gracefully handle unexpected slave responses
mqtt.homeassistant Bug Fixes 7035 Fixed bug wrt ONLINE status in HomeAssistantThingHandler
7080 Improve compatibility with Tasmota based color lights
nanoleaf Bug Fixes 7058 Fixed: Http 400 handling / NPE in logging. Reduced logging.
7141 fixed powerStateUpdate, ignore statically defined things on discovery
nikohomecontrol Enhancements 6724 Add more device types, use Niko API token authentication, code improvements.
nuki Bug Fixes 7111 Improve Nuki ID description
onewire Bug Fixes 7050 fix updating presence channel
onkyo Enhancements 7177 Add support for TX-NR809
satel Enhancements 7027 Event log improvements
7086 Command and events refactoring, communication improvements
sensebox Bug Fixes 7128 Use dimension PERCENT instead of ONE for percentage values
7133 Fixed NPE by adding callback to cache before starting refresh job
somfytahoma Enhancements 6993 added dynamic RSSI channel
Bug Fixes 7176 bug fixes
systeminfo Bug Fixes 7168 Make getSwap* methods able to return 0
telegram Enhancements 6824 proxy support (SOCKS5 and HTTP)
tellstick Bug Fixes 7172 Fix auto-detect handling for Rain and Wind devices
tesla Bug Fixes 7170 Use correct command for opening trunk/frunk
velux Enhancements 7098 Decreased logging
Bug Fixes 7102 fix: avoid warnings during non-existent properties.
weathercompany Enhancements 7070 Increase decimal precision for PWS Observations
yeelight Enhancements 6749 Add support for yeelight 650 with ambient light (Closes #6
Zigbee Enhancements 563 Update Z-Smart Systems ZigBee to 1.3.2
ZWave Bug Fixes 1304 Ignore Duplicate nonce request
1311 Fix bug with request timer