In data 19 Aprile 2020 è stata rilasciato l’aggiornamento di openHAB alla versione 2.5.4. Questa release, aggiornabile dalla precedente senza problemi di sorta, introduce nuovi addons e corregge alcuni bug in quelli già presenti.

Segnalo, su tutti:

  • Coronastats: che riporta le statistiche di diffusione del coronavirus
  • ModBus SunSpec: una variante del modbus specifica per interfacciarsi con gli inverter dei pannelli solari, pertnto utile  ricavarne le informazioni di produzione e stato

Elenco dei nuovi Add-ons

I seguenti addons sono nuovi ed introdotti per la prima volta nella versione 2.5.4:

Add-on Type Issue
Adorne Binding #6553
BSB-LAN Binding #6314
CBus Binding #5648
CoronaStats Binding #7358
DWDPollenflug Binding #7298
Ecobee Binding #6823
Etherrain Binding #5634
Insteon Binding #6911
Linky Binding #7101
Modbus SunSpec Binding #6331
Sager Weathercaster Binding #4754
Sensibo Binding #5576
Tibber Binding #6457

Sono stati apportati i seguenti aggiornamenti agli addons esistenti:

2.x Add-ons

Add-on Type Issue Change
bluetooth Enhancements 7129 Refactor and unify BluetoothAdapter implementation logic
Bug Fixes 7194 Fixed bugs discovered through additional unit tests
7253 Fix for AM43 and Airthings devices not being discovered.
7376 Fix for concurrent modification exception during shutdown.
boschindego Bug Fixes 7288 Fix dependency version for indego library
chromecast Bug Fixes 7327 Update API lib to 0.11.3
daikin Enhancements 6497 add virtual mode for alexa/google home/homekit
7340 Support AUTO fan mode with Airbase
darksky Bug Fixes 7250 Default states to ‘UNDEF’ if no alerts are present
denonmarantz Enhancements 7209 Add support for an optional Zone4.
digiplex Bug Fixes 7226 Update bridge channel names (#7225)
doorbird Enhancements 6469 Add model A1081 controller and new actions
Bug Fixes 7227 Fix for more than 5 doorbell things
DWDPollenflug Enhancements 7395 Small code improvments
enocean Bug Fixes 7213 Fix EEP A5-30-03
fronius Enhancements 7247 Add new channels and fix documentation
homekit Enhancements 7230 Implements support for HomeKit with Lock mechanisms.
Hue Bug Fixes 7219 Null-proof handling getAlertMode()
hueemulation Bug Fixes 7305 Fix broken fallback address
insteon Enhancements 7196 support the related parameter with broadcastOnOff channel
7224 support Dimmer/Switch Beep and LED On/Off as well as Motion Sensor Dawn/Dusk and Low Bat
7251 add console commands to help with troubleshooting
7295 Add support for Beep and LED on/off features to Dimmer Modules(2457D2), On/Off Modules(2635-222), and On/Off Outdoor Modules(2634-222)
7339 Added Fast On/Off and Manual change support for Insteon 2334 Keypad Dimmer – 6 and 8 button varients and added all support Insteon 2487S Keypad Switch – 8 button varient
7347 Improve hub message processing
7387 Add OnLevel support for Insteon 2334-232 (6 and 8 button varients)
7391 Added a drop down box for selecting product key from all supported product keys. Also added an example for entry of Insteon Address.
jeelink Enhancements 7153 Add suport for sensors that are directly connected to a LGW
Bug Fixes 7246 fix TCP init cmds
km200 Bug Fixes 7393 bugfixing and optimization
lgwebos Enhancements 7103 Wake-on-Lan Integration
7300 Ignore power off command when the TV is already off
7385 Fix property modelName
7399 Use system properties when available
Bug Fixes 7242 Fix mastervolume_ext_speaker_lg_optical volume subscription
7259 Handle volume update whatever the audio output
7299 Avoid thing updates when the thing handler is already disposed
7301 Fix initialize and dispose
7355 Fix missing update of power channel state
7401 Delay subscription of channel
lutron Enhancements 7362 Add discovery support for RA2 Select repeater
mail Enhancements 7292 Correctly named STARTTLS and a few small improvements
marytts Bug Fixes 7284 Fix java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Jama/Matrix
miio Enhancements 7255 Add Xiaomi cloud logon (token download) and map download
7273 adding new devices
7349 change brightness for Philips bulbs
7361 jsonify command handling
7404 add miot protocol & conditions
Bug Fixes 7254 fix updating basic devices
mqtt Bug Fixes 7233 Fix outgoing format for NumberValues
mqtt.homie Enhancements 6845 Add Dimmer functionality
neohub Bug Fixes 7201 fix blocking bug on socket read; improved error handling & logging
7323 bug fix for new hub firmware
netatmo Enhancements 7345 Added day, week, and month measurements to the weather station and indoor, outdoor, and rain modules
Bug Fixes 7236 Netatmo now uses a trusted certificate authority
7360 fix calculation for heat index
nikohomecontrol Bug Fixes 7314 Removed dead code
7366 Fix thermostat setpoint.
OpenUV Enhancements 7238 Adding feature to suspend API queries at night
openweathermap Enhancements 7335 Added apparent temperature channel
pioneeravr Enhancements 7346 Add models up until year 2020
pjlink Enhancements 7303 enhanced logging (show byte array in addition to string)
rfxcom Bug Fixes 7272 EOF fix
satel Enhancements 7282 Action for reading the event log added
sensebox Bug Fixes 7204 Fixed handling of micro sign and greek letter mu
shelly Enhancements 6985 Support for Duo, EM3, DW, Smoke, Addon; new CoAP-based updates; bug fixes
Spotify Enhancements 7388 Added channel to display if track is explicit
squeezebox Bug Fixes 7249 Change mute/unmute to use mixer muting command
systeminfo Enhancements 7185 Update deprecated OSHI methods
tplinksmarthome Enhancements 7389 Added Kl50 and kl60 light bulbs.
valloxmv Enhancements 7093 additional channels support
velux Enhancements 7379 Avoiding warning about (yet) unrecognized actuators
weathercompany Bug Fixes 7214 Fix precision issue
Zigbee Enhancements 564 Create new ZSS transport and config on handler restart